Founded in 2016 by members of the Clarksburg Model Aviation Club, WV Rotorsports is a MultiGP drone racing chapter based in Clarksburg, WV. WV Rotorsports seeks to legitimize, publicize, and popularize the sport of FPV drone racing in West Virginia by holding monthly FPV racing events throughout the year.


You mean besides kicking ass?

We Race Drones

We build custom drones that are light, fast, and tough. These drones are not toys, and they are not good for taking pictures. They have one job, and that is to go fast and take a beating. Also they should look cool (obviously).

We See What They See

We race via FPV, or “First Person View”. The drones have a small camera that broadcasts to a pair of goggles worn by the pilot. What the drone sees, we see. The signal is SD and unstable and we like it that way.

We Represent FPV

WV Rotorsports is the premiere drone racing group in the state. We represent the positive side of drones, and an industry alternative to the Aerial Photography boom. Anyone can take a picture, but only the best take a win.

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These people, along with our pilots, make WV Rotorsports possible

Joshua "NoobRC" Shreve

Joshua “NoobRC” Shreve

FOUNDER/ORGANIZER – Joshua “NoobRC” Shreve organizes the races and sets up the courses. FPV is the only reason he goes outdoors. Sunlight and bees are his mortal enemies.

Joshua "NoobRC" Shreve

Anthony “BlazeFPV” Svingos

CO-FOUNDER/TECH & SAFETY OFFICER – When society asks “Are you sure you should build a drone that fast?” Anthony “BlazeFPV” Svingos only has one answer – YES.


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