Attendee Agreement

FPV Events are fun to watch and discuss. However, please stay away from the pilots within the Pilot Area while they are flying (unless you are acting as a spotter). Clear communication is essential with the pilots for accurate lap scoring, penalties and hazard warnings.

Attendees recognize that safety equipment and/or safety netting used at FPV Racing events are not totally effective in preventing injury or death, even when used and positioned according to instructions and common sense. While some level of protection is provided by netting and/or safety equipment used at FPV Racing events, there still remains the risk of injury or death even when provided with net protection.

Attendees are also aware that modeling may present hazards to participants and/or spectators as a result of any number of factors, including, but not limited to, unpredictable deviations from flight plans, equipment malfunctions, and the uneven terrain over which modeling may occur.

By attending an event hosted by WV Rotorsports you understand that these aircraft can be dangerous, and that accidents can and do happen.  Attendees agree to make exempt and relieve the event director, any and all officials of the event, WV Rotorsports, its sponsors, Clarksburg Model Aviation Club, any and all clubs involved in this event, the site owners, and/or any other site owners or sites involved in the event, the MultiGP Drone Racing league, and the Academy of Model Aeronautics, their officers, agents, servants, and employees from all liability for personal injury, property damages, and/or wrongful death whether accidental or caused by negligence.