Event Rules

Rules for a safe and fun event are very important. Below are guidelines to follow when running a MultiGP FPV race at your venue.

• Listen and follow ALL instructions from the Race Director or their designees.
• NEVER walk onto the course while multirotors are flying. The course’s flight line defines where the pilot or spectator area ends and the course begins. It should be well marked and highly visible. This flight line is not to be crossed.
• Know the location of first aid kit

• Fly only in designated areas.
• Fly only at appropriate times.
• Keep your multirotor at least (30) feet away from the pilot area. Flying any closer can cause your video transmitter to interfere with other pilot’s reception.
• When finishing a race, land ON the course (at least 30 feet away from the pilot area)
• When flying on the course, you must be positioned within the designated Pilot Area. DO NOT fly from any other area.
• When others are flying, only power up your multirotor/video transmitter while in the Start/Finish area on the course. DO NOT power up in the pits or while walking from the pits to the course
CALL OUT before powering up. WATCH and LISTEN for signs of interference from other pilots.
IMMEDIATELY POWER DOWN if a pilot claims interference, yells, or indicates IN ANY WAY that they have lost video.
• When you retrieve a multirotor after a completed race, ensure you power it down immediately to clear the video channel, as the next racers are getting ready.
• If you need to check your video channel or change frequency, this must be completed between heats. You must also ensure you have the appropriate Frequency Card for the frequency you wish to check.
• If you are flying before or after the event you must ensure you have the appropriate Frequency Card for the frequency you are using.
• You must ensure you have a Spotter in the Pilot Area while flying. A Spotter observes the course for dangers such as members of public, animals, other model fliers, low flying aircraft or vehicles. Spotters stand in the Pilot Area to ensure clear communication.
• You should help with spotting for the heat before yours.

The event is fun to watch and discuss. However, please stay away from the pilots within the Pilot Area while they are flying (unless you are acting as a spotter). Clear communication is essential with the pilots for accurate lap scoring, penalties and hazard warnings.