Pilot Requirements

In order to race with WV Rotorsports, a pilot must possess the following:

Trackmate Transponder

That’s all you need! If you race with us often please consider a small $5 donation on race day to help support the group, or consider joining our parent AMA club, the Clarksburg Model Aviation Club. CMAC members race free in most races, and get full access to the field whenever they want!

If you wish to compete in a prize race, the entry fee is $10 and you must have a Trackmate compatible transponder for your aircraft affixed with the LED starboard (on the right if looking at the aircraft from the back towards the front).  If you do not possess one you may contact us ahead of time to see if we have a rental unit available. The fee to rent a transponder for the day is $5, availability is limited.  Transponders are not required for practice and non-prize races.

Flight controllers with Transponder functionality are permitted, however WV Rotorsports will not be responsible for misreads or duplicate IDs – be sure that you have configured your flight controller correctly, and be prepared to change your transponder ID should there be a pilot with a duplicate ID.  WV Rotorsports recommends the BrainFPV RE1 flight controller, as we have tested its transponder functionality and can verify that it works with our system.